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Special note: This program has been copied with the permission of one of the founders, Mr. Everett Clark. Only members of the SC Division can apply with in this state but it is reprinted here as the penultimate example of what you can do in your state/division. Please copy it and form it to your needs. The pin is copy written so please redesign it also. Why redesign the wheel?

Sons of Confederate Veterans

South Caroline Division

Guardian Program

1. Purpose: The SC Division has instituted a special program to honor the memory of our Confederate Ancestors and to insure the preservation of their final resting places. (Ref. SC Administrative Order 93-1, 3-1-93 and 9-27-93).

2. Eligibility: Any SC Division camp member in good standing, who is at least sixteen years of age and who has demonstrated his willingness to serve in this special may apply to become a GUARDIAN. All compatriots are encouraged to participate in this most worthwhile program to honor our ancestors and protect their final resting place.

3. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:                                                                              

 A) He shall care for and protect the grave of a Confederate Veteran, ensuring that the site is kept clean and well maintained year round. He shall perform these duties personally unless physically from doing so by reason of health problems.

B) He shall be responsible that the grave has an appropriate marker designating it as the final resting place of a Confederate Veteran. He shall also be responsible for replacing or repairing any marker that destroyed, damaged or badly worn.

C) He shall personally visit the grave a minimum of three times a year to include Confederate Memorial Day or at least one week prior, when he shall wreath or a small Confederate Flag, or both on the grave.


A) Individuals who wish to become a GUARDIAN must complete the Guardian Application and submit it to the Guardian Review Committee. (E.M. Clark, Jr.) The application must be accompanied with a map showing the location of the gravesite and photograph(s) of the grave and marker. The grave may of may not be that of the applicant’s Ancestor.

B) The applicant must also remit an application fee of $10.00 at the time of application to cover the cost the GUARDIAN Pin and certificate, which will be awarded upon completion of the period of candidacy. The fee is nonrefundable, regardless if the candidate successfully completes his candidacy period or not. $3.00 for each additional application thereafter for multi-guardian status.


A) The Guardian Review Committee will review and approve all applications. The committee will normally consist of a chairman and at least two or three other members, including the Division Commander.

B) If approved, the applicant will be given the title “Guardian Pro Tem” (meaning “for the time being”), and he shall have the status of  “candidate”. He will carry this status for two years, less any time already completed in the care of a grave, if during such time he carried out the minimum duties specified as a GUARDIAN. (eg. An applicant who has already cared for a grave for one year in accordance with criteria would only have one more year of service requiret as a “GUARDIAN PRO TEM” candidate before becoming a GUARDIEN.)

6. Full Guardian Status:

A) Individuals who successfully complete their “Guardian Pro Tem” candidacy period, meeting the criteria established for this program, and are approved by the Guardian Review Committee will be formally awarded the status of “GUARDIAN” by order of the Division Commander.

B) GUARDIANS will be presented with a special certificate, and shall be given a place of honor and formally recognized by the Division Commander at all SC Division functions and events, to include Confederate Memorial Day and Division Conventions.

C) GUARDIANS shall be authorized to wear a special pin device/badge as designed by the Guardian Committee.

7. Additional Information:

A) Multiple grave sites: GUARDIANS may care for more than one Confederate Veterans grave, and will be so recognized by the Guardian Review Committee. Special certificates or indications on the Guardian Pin may be authorized to signify the care of multiple veterans’ graves. Normally no more than 25 gravesites will be awarded per compatriot. More than 25 may be authorized on a case-by-case bases with approval of the Guardian Committee.

B) Retirement of GUARDIAN Position: A Guardian must notify the Guardian Review Committee when he is no longer able to carry out his duties for reasons of health or relocation. Under such circumstances his Guardian “will be honorably retired, unless passed on under the provisions of section “C” below.

C) Bequeathing of GUARDIAN Position: In lieu of retiring his Guardian position, a Guardian may bequeath his position and pass on his responsibilities to another SCV Member in good standing or a blood, male family member. All such transfers must be reviewed and approved by the Guardian Review Committee.

D) Revocation of GUARDIAN Status:  The Guardian Review Committee may revoke a GUARDIANS status if he fails to carry out his duties and responsibilities. The Guardian Review Committee has the power to inspect, with or with out notice, any GUARDIAN’S Confederate Veteran’s gravesite to confirm compliance with all rules and regulations as specified in the SC Division Administrative Order 93-1, 9-27-93.

E) Wilderness Grave Site: Is defined as a completely neglected and abandoned gravesite in a wooded area. Application must be accompanied by before and after pictures of the gravesite along with all other requirements set forth in these rules. If this status is approved, applicant will be approved to wear a silver star on the ribbon of the Guardian medal.

---- Revised March 1999 -----

Copyright 2004 by the SC Sons of Confederate Veterans, all rights reserved.




South Carolina Division Sons of Confederate Veterans

Guardian Application
(Revised April 2004) - Print out and mail!

Name of Applicant:______________________________________________________________

Address:______________________________________ City:_______________________________

State:______________________________ Zip:__________ Phone:(_____)____________________

SCV Camp:__________________________________ Location:_____________________________

Confederate Veteran's Name:____________________________ Rank:_________________ ______

Unit:________________________________ _________ Born:____/____/____ Died:____/____/____

Location of Grave (Include name of cemetery, city, county & state):___________________________



Services Performed (Attach Additional Sheets If Needed):

1. Visits Per Year: ______________ Time Period Grave Has Been Tended: ____________________

2. Flag Placed On Grave For Confederate Memorial Day: ________Yes  _________No

3. Marker On Grave Indicating CSA Service: ________Yes  _________No

4. Other Services Performed: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I affirm that all the information here is true and accurate. I agree to faithfully care for and protect this Confederate Veteran's grave in accordance with the Guardian rules (as specified in SC Division Administrative Order 93-1) for as long as I am able. In the event I am no longer able to carry out my duties, I shall notify the Guardian Review Committee immediately.

Signature:_______________________________________     Date: ____/____/____



Guardian Review Committee Action:

I.    Application Approved __________ Disapproved___________ For Full Guardian.

II.   Application Approved __________ Disapproved___________ For Guardian Pro Tem.

III.  Wilderness Grave: Approved __________ Disapproved___________

IV.  Pro Tem Period:  ______________ Months:   From ____________________ to ____________________

Committee Member Signature: ________________________________________   Date: ____/____/____

Print and Mail to:
Everett M. Clark, Jr., 3993 Bachman Road, West Columbia, SC 29172, (803) 755-3163

E-mail: eclark1861@aol.com


---- Revised March 1999 -----

Copyright 2004 by the SC Sons of Confederate Veterans, all rights reserved.