Lights of Dixie

By Roy Rawlinson 4 April 2000


The lights now dim in Dixie

      And trees? They stand so bare

So many men, now weeping

      And asking? “Do they care?”

Where is that Southern spirit

     That carried us to war?

Oh where has gone the honor

      For men who came before?

Those men oho carried banner

      Into the Yankee face

Now sleep in desolation,

      Their honor, now disgrace

Surely this just cannot be

      Here is that southern pride?

Its time to speak of heroes

      Not run away and hide.

Shine out your lights of Dixie

       To bloom bring up yours tree

Be proud to be a Rebel,

      Not shame is cast on thee

Remember men who stood so tall

      Forlorn, they now do weep.

Do you hear their mournful call?

      Or will you now just sleep?